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My gig status is pending


I have created a gig one month ago about Website Design With Elementor. I have great experience on that skill so i wanted to outsource that skill. But that gig status was pending in few weeks.
So i thought maybe some gig tittle or something unappropriated. So i have deleted that gig and today i have create another gig with that skill. I did hard work to create gig images and all gig content and today i have published that gig.
But this new gig shows pending. So what’s wrong with that gig so it goes to pending and client didn’t find it in search result. Or it’s fiverr bug so it goes automatically in pending?

Please help and suggest me so that my gig can be active and i can outsource that skill.

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I have checked the link you gave and your gig is active and able to be purchased.

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Here’s i’m seeing here it’s pending and this gig has no impression but my all gig has good impression. So it looks like if you visit my profile or gig link directly then you’ll be able to see my gig but this gig will not in fiverr search results, fiverr didn’t approve it to be visible in search results. Is that fiverr bug or something and how can i solve it?

Keep checking for it in search, and if it doesn’t show up within 30 days contact Customer Support using the link they gave you.