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My gig stopped appearing in search results? What's happening?

Ok so I noticed for the past 1 week I stopped getting inquiries for my bestseller. Then I went all Sherlock Holmes on it and discovered that when someone searches for that service, my gig just doesn’t appear in the search results? WT#??? Has anyone else experienced it?


It may be there when you click on some of the categories such as lever one or two seller.

My rating is dropping really fast I don’t know why


That’s normal. Your impressions are better than mine. Pay no attention to the ups and downs.

I know but still on first gig I had 6k impressions i couple days dropped on 3k,its not just me or you I see on forum that so many ppl are complained about same problem.I don’t is it some bug or what :frowning:

Have your sales dropped also?

Well on first gig,im selling only to one guy he order 9 times from me becouse he is making a game and Im making models for him so he is only buyer on first gig.On second one I only had one order I don’t know why is showing zero.And last one was custom offer.But yea I mean im on fiverr for 3 months now,I did myb 2 gigs,other 9 was from one guy.But I will try to change pictures/videos,description etc,to make it better.

happens all the time mate, just keep doing what you know, it will come back sooner or later.

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Please share your gig through social media

Have you had a lot of revision requests which have made orders run late?

Due to not hitting the vacation button when I should have at the beginning of January, my response rate and delivered on time rate plummeted to 76%. Also, my completed orders later went to 79% from 98%.

Anyway, sales dropped at the same time (obviously) however I have my response rate back up to 100%, complete orders back up to 90%, and keep getting my delivered on time rate to 84% -86%, but this plummets every time a buyer asks for a revision on work after the original deadline has passed.

For instance, I was on 84% for orders delivered on time yesterday but today I’m back down to 79% after 3 revision requests, 2 of which were for basic gigs which I don’t offer revisions on.

Anyway, I’m noticing that when I get everything up to the mid 80’s, orders, messages etc flow like they used to. As soon, however, as my delivered on time starts to go down again, so does everything else.

In this case, what’s yours currently sitting at?


Its fiverr policy , new gig or level one seller gig they will rotating ,so that new started gig also come on search result .

I give you suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. Make two similar gig so that your both the gig chances of alternative rotation in the fiverr search engine.
  2. Make outside fiverr advertisements on social sites like quora, fb ,youtube etc.
  3. Maintain always 5 rating in your gig, so that it will come in featured list of fiverr.
  4. Time to time change your gig tags.
  5. See the your opponents tags.

Hope these simple steps will help you


Don’t try to make sense of the algorithm, it has its own mind.

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I have noticed the same thing that’s what made me start investigations.

Thank you so much for the tips. It’s really kind of you :slight_smile:

Was it appearing in the searches before?
If yes, in which section - Average Rating or Recommended or New Gigs?

If it was appearing in any section other than Average Rating then there is nothing you can do for it. Fiverr rotate gigs in these sections with intervals.

My gig was on the very 1st page and in 1st row 3 weeks ago!
then I went to a vacation for four days. when I come back I didn’t work at that speed which I worked before my vacation :smiley: I found my self in the second page :smiley:
Still, I was lazy, didn’t take many orders.and I canceled 2 order.(as I was pretty sure that my finall delivery cannot satisfy my client , my both cancellation was after 3/4 hour taking those projects) after few days(a week ago) I found my gig on3rd page. A week ago I took some projects and also did 3/4 extra work for my old clients. then I see some improvement of my gig ranking! (it’s now i the last row of 2nd page ) :smiley:

Moral: to stay alive in the competition
1. keep the consistency
2. Avoid cancellation


Don’t worry lucygarrod .Fiverr algorithms is try to rotate all gig day by day.

I’m having a similar problem. If I log in I can of course see my information. But I cannot be found through a search no matter what filters I use. I am waiting for the support desk to figure it out and get back to me.

Same here Last year (2016 until dec) i had great many orders but from 2017 January i didn’t have any new messages / orders i thinks something wrong on fiverr :confused:

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same here i am also so worried