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My gig stopped appearing in search results? What's happening?


Its fiverr policy , new gig or level one seller gig they will rotating ,so that new started gig also come on search result .

I give you suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. Make two similar gig so that your both the gig chances of alternative rotation in the fiverr search engine.
  2. Make outside fiverr advertisements on social sites like quora, fb ,youtube etc.
  3. Maintain always 5 rating in your gig, so that it will come in featured list of fiverr.
  4. Time to time change your gig tags.
  5. See the your opponents tags.

Hope these simple steps will help you


Don’t try to make sense of the algorithm, it has its own mind.


I have noticed the same thing that’s what made me start investigations.


Thank you so much for the tips. It’s really kind of you :slight_smile:


Was it appearing in the searches before?
If yes, in which section - Average Rating or Recommended or New Gigs?

If it was appearing in any section other than Average Rating then there is nothing you can do for it. Fiverr rotate gigs in these sections with intervals.


My gig was on the very 1st page and in 1st row 3 weeks ago!
then I went to a vacation for four days. when I come back I didn’t work at that speed which I worked before my vacation :smiley: I found my self in the second page :smiley:
Still, I was lazy, didn’t take many orders.and I canceled 2 order.(as I was pretty sure that my finall delivery cannot satisfy my client , my both cancellation was after 3/4 hour taking those projects) after few days(a week ago) I found my gig on3rd page. A week ago I took some projects and also did 3/4 extra work for my old clients. then I see some improvement of my gig ranking! (it’s now i the last row of 2nd page ) :smiley:

Moral: to stay alive in the competition
1. keep the consistency
2. Avoid cancellation

How Do You Increase Your Gigs Rank Position?

Don’t worry lucygarrod .Fiverr algorithms is try to rotate all gig day by day.


I’m having a similar problem. If I log in I can of course see my information. But I cannot be found through a search no matter what filters I use. I am waiting for the support desk to figure it out and get back to me.


Same here Last year (2016 until dec) i had great many orders but from 2017 January i didn’t have any new messages / orders i thinks something wrong on fiverr :confused:


same here i am also so worried


My best seller doesn’t appear either and it’s quite easy to run a search on it, since I translate documents from English to Mexican Spanish. Yet, running a search with the words “Mexican Spanish” yields no results. What’s going on??? (In fact, running a search for “Mexican” should make my gig appear and yet it doesn’t).


I was receiving Inbox messages 10 to 15 on Daly basis but not a single message from last few days Impressions and and views are going down Is there any official word when will this over or is there any problem from over side


Without a doubt any type of late, or negativity will plummet your gig, is anyone noticing a very large dip in sales with 2 late delivery’s?It’s very hard to stay motivated when sales fall off even when you work hrd and offer a superior service .


I have the same problem! What’s happening?

I had regular orders and now I have NOTHING for a week now!

Fiverr, why are you doing this???


I hate to add kerosene to your flames, but YOU have COMPLETE CONTROL over your sales potential. Why are you relying upon Fiverr to be the source of all of your sales? Your gig is still up, live, and online. Why not market and promote your services to the people out there – in the world – who need your services? No one is stopping you from earning sales except you alone.

If you aren’t gaining the kind of sales you want, then find new ways to earn your sales. Businesses have to market and promote their services. Why do you think you don’t have to do the same? Your gigs are a business; treat them as such if you wish to be successful.


Absolutely hysterical instead of words of encouragement you belittle and say another man is not working his hardest to produce clients.
We pay the 20% to have a platform that will advertise our service.

And all of this from a 1K seller that ranks #1 on the search results and gets tons of sales.
Ill send you a offer so I can help you with your people skills.

We are suppose to uplift each other not belittle


-First, let me ask you something:
-You’ve already answered my posts on various topics where you teach me how to think and what to do.
Are you working for a fiverr support or are you just a salesman?

Here’s the answer:

I do not have a social network.
I’m a musician, producer, composer.
I do not have time to do marketing and business.
I’m here for that.
Fiverr needs to do marketing and business and he does it very well.
He takes a great deal of this from each promotion of each seller’s work here, and in addition he takes the percentage for transferring money to our accounts.

-I do not deal with marketing, and I do not want to promote the Fiverr for me, nor do I have time for it in my short life.

  • Wrong. My gigs are not a business for me. But yes for Fiverr. I’m a good Fiverr seller only.
    Fiverr makes business for us and we pay 20% and more for this favor.

The problem is why I (and many sellers too) have not new orders as before until one week ago…


Don’t worry about that it’s changing everyday and this is average of last 30 days
My gig impression was like this 1st day 1300 2nd day 9000+
then 3rd day 3000+ :joy:


Nope. That is not part of Fiverr’s agreement with you (see the TOS). You are merely listed in their gig categories, and, if they approve of your gigs, allowed to be within their search results. Fiverr makes no guarantees of anything – no guarantee of sales, no promise to give you anything other than space to host your gigs on their servers.

YOU are still responsible for your own success, conducting yourself as an honorable businessman, and reaching out to market to your target customers in order to bring in sales.

I am not wrong in this, and I do not believe it is your place to insult me for speaking the truth.


My goal is never to insult if I did I repent. I want to succeed like everyone . I with a lot of others offer superior service in categories however we have people that have 250 order in their queue and show up on every page of search and We can’t even get 1 spot on page 10 ? We are all here to offer our service to the world when people need a service they come to Fiverr search and pick someone . I with a lot of other people just want to be found!