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My gig stopped getting traffic. No impressions, no clicks

Hi there!

I have been on Fiverr for about a year now, and ever since I created my first gig it was doing relatively well. I always had one or two sales per week, which isn’t great but also not bad. The problem is I have not had any new clicks or impressions for about 2 months now. I’ve had some returning clients but that’s it. I have tried improving my description, my prices, my thumbnail, etc., (and waited for it to rank again cuz I know it takes a few days at best) and nothing seems to be working.

I have mostly positive ratings and over 100 completed jobs, everything was going well so I’m not sure what happened and I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight.

Thanks in advance and stay safe out there!


Hey Maria!
Sorry to hear about your situation. Maybe due to the coronavirus outbreak, individuals are ordering less in general and hence enough traffic is not reaching you currently :slight_smile:


I have the same condition like you.

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Even several of my customer have delayed their orders. Several people are loosing jobs and depending on Government assistance also recently. Hopefully, it should all be over soon :slight_smile: [hopefully not 18 months XD]


I have same situation like you
But if you update a gig may be you will get impression and view
You can try and share me your experience

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Fiverr algorithms are fully responsible for it. That’s a common problem over Fiverr sellers. Fiverr has introduced a feature called SEO-Title in the gig. It will be visible in the edit mode of a gig. You must have to update it otherwise algorithm seems the gig isn’t updated or paused.
You can use the following tips also;

  • Seo title
  • Image title SEO
  • Adding video to GIG
  • Sharing on other platforms

You can see my gig impressions as well. I have used these tips for a while and got over 700+ impressions.


Facing same problem :sleepy:

Same problem but you update your gig then you will get result i try this method and it works for me

Should the SEO title be the same as the Gig title?

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Hey sorry to hear about your clicks and views going down, maybe due to the pandemic situation that world is currently facing. Hope your vies get improved in coming weeks! have faith and hope.

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thank you so much for you valuable tips

Same problem. 2 days ago i created my new gig but still now have only 2 impression. I don’t know what happen.

keep working and stay touch with fiverr. you got it dont worry.