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My gig stuck in druft!


I’m trying to publish my first gig but it stuck at draft.
I tired deleting the gig and making another one.
I tried different browser.
Also I added 3 photos.
Nothing solve my problem, can anyone help me in this please!


Did you follow the steps one by one? Usually, you will have warning that tells you something missing!
Have uploaded a video describing your gig?


Video is not compulsory


For some categories, adding a video is compulsory. :sunny:


There must be some problem, some required item will remain empty.
If problem resist try to Login again.


Yes you are right. It is for me as all my gigs about videos.


Thanks everyone!
I found the problem, I just added my phone number to my account and everything works perfectly now :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I have an issue verifying my gig/account. I’ve tried 5 times with my phone, but it didn’t get through.

That’s okay, I needed to wait 48 hours to try again.

But I’ve tried after 5 days, and the warning was still there, but it’s been 48 hours and still I can’t try verifying it.