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My gig suddenly denied

Hi all,

I created a gig “migrate your database to cloud aws rds”, it have been lived for a month and now it suddenly denied. I ask the support team and they said “Unfortunately, the gig you are offering is a service not sold on Fiverr and therefore it has been denied”.
So I do not really know why this type service is not allow to sale in Fiver. Do you know the reason why? I review carefully the Term Of Service but not illegal, I’m not sure in my gig write the keyword “Amazon Cloud Service” is caused this issue or not.
I’m appreciated if anyone have idea or experience to share with me how to avoid it.

Thank you!


I’m interested to know this as well for future reference. Bookmarked.

Hello all,

Also do you know which type of Amazon Web service is not allow to sale here. Because it does not mention in Term Of Service, For example I want to offer service like "Setup/migrate server CE2, S3, SES, etc in cloud Amazon AWS. Or Microsoft Azure. Does it allow?

Because I don’t want to create a gig make some sale then one day it denied without unclear explanation again. I really disappointed about that, this is second time. My gig already made some sales and suddenly denied.


Not sure if this has anything to do with it but there was some dispute between Fiverr and Amazon in the past.

Thanks @jey242. Oh, I never heard about that. I have just figured out that if I type the key word “Amazon” in gig’s title, it will not allow. So now what I have to do is remove all keyword “Amazon” in related gigs.

No problem. It is up to you but you may face a dilemma when potential buyers would want to know the exact details of the service you are offering if you don’t have it in your gig’s title and description. That is if they are interested enough to ask and not bypass your gig because they are unsure what you are offering.