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My Gig Suddenly disappeared


i had my gig in ‘Business Cards & Stationery’ category page. as the top 2nd gig in ‘High rating’ tab. but now it’s disappeared. also i couldn’t find my gig in search result even i scrolled bottom of the search result :confused:


Too many accounts maybe?


for me? no i have only this account. :confused:


Hey alnishanthi123 I had the same dilemma few weeks ago. Few days after finding out the issue, I discovered something while trying to figure out why the heck my gig totally disappeared in search result.

If you’re using a desktop or laptop, try to search using a keyword “business card” then try to change the “filter by” option on the upper right corner of your screen and choose “Avg. Customer Review”. I assume that the default option is “Relevance”.

I found mine at the very bottom of the search result which is very unfortunate since I’m already experiencing the effect. I’m not getting orders for days now.

I did try to contact fiverr’s cs too and they responded politely with a generic reply about the search dynamics and gig rotation. I supposed it has something to do with their search result algorithm since they keep updating and improving things.

Lucky you, your queue is still strong compared to mine.
Hopefully my ranking goes up and retrieve my momentum again.

I suggest you also contact their customer service and ask about our issue.
Goodluck and let’s hope for the best! :smiley:


Hi, i did a search and just found my gig in very bottom of the search result. still couldn’t figure it out what’s the reason behind this.


One more thing, I remember that the issue occurred after I used the “3 Packages System”. I don’t know if it’s relevant or not but I just wanted to point it out.


i didn’t activated the 3 Packages System yet. so i think it’s not relevant with this issue.


So same result? Hmmm…that’s interesting.


Yup I’m also hoping it isn’t.


My gig was placed in the first page of “Business Cards & Stationery”. i didn’t received any negative feedback, cancellation or anything bad for my gig. but now it’s in bottom of search result for no reason. :confused:


my gig have 2000 feedback and 4500+ favorites. and there’s no negative feedback recently. also i have 25 orders in the queue. all are received when my gig is in the top of the page (3 DAYS ago) so you guys can realize my gig is a successful gig in fiverr. and now, my gig was removed from the top of the page and it can found at the bottom of the page. even i’ve used “Avg. Customer Review” filter.

i’ve seen gigs are rotating according to the population/ratings. my gig was the 4th gig in the “High ratings” tab 1 year ago, by working hard, i’ve got my gig placed in 2nd position of the “High ratings” tab. and suddenly, my gig fall ed under the list of 1700+ gigs. and still i couldn’t realize the reason.


Have you tried to submit a ticket to customer service?


Yes. they are continually saying my gig is normal and try to promote my gig. They do not understand what I say


i’m explaining this issue to the customer service since last 3 days.


I’m in the same position as both of you! Just really wished there was more ‘‘support’’ :frowning:


i’m sorry to hear that :frowning:


The very same thing happened to me, too! My gig which has been in the top 10 for the past 8 months suddenly disappeared, and Customer Support’s answers has been useless, to say the least. From $150/day to ZERO in a flash! I honestly cannot go through months of hard work and sleepless nights to rise up to the top and disappear again. That is it.


I am having the same issue last one week. My gig totally disappeared from search ranking .But it was at the top of the first page. Today I contacted with Fiverr support. Waiting for their response.


If you look at flatio’s gigs who was complaining so bitterly about having to leave fiverr last August due to no sales, one of his gigs has 7 orders in his queue. He delivered an order 35 minutes ago. He has at least a dozen orders delivered in the past week.

He said he had zero orders back then and was giving up.

Orders go up and down all the time.


Just reviving this old thread as I’m still not getting orders from organic search results. Only a few from repeat buyers as my gig is still not showing in search results. Tried every possible keyword but still no luck for me. I’ve been struggling with this issue for months now.

Is there any chance that my gig was marked or flagged by fiverr?

Btw, happy to see that people in this thread have orders now and got back their momentum.