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My gig suddenly remove after 2 months

I have no idea why my gig suddenly suspends after 2 months? I was getting work for it.
Please help.

I really need help. Dear Sir/Mam Please Explain the whole thing to me, I have no idea about this

Is it because your plugin license for Elementor Pro is a single user license?

In other words, it is licensed to you only - and is not licensed for use by another user?

Fiverr would likely ban your gig for this reason.


Oh, I didn’t know that, How can I solve this problem? How I can public/ publish this gig?
Only this gig - I was getting work for it. Next time I didn’t provide a single-user/my license. Please Help How I can get this gig. Please give me a chance to modify this gig. I really need this gig. I was getting work for this gig.
Dear Sir/Mam Please help.

I am just a seller like you - I am not Fiverr support.

I am only guessing that your license might be a single user license. But it would seem a very likely reason.

Have you checked the license conditions for the plugin that you use?

ya it’s a single but many people sell their single license plugin, and how can I get fiveer support?

Right.We should use the license own.

You’ve identified the problem. If it is a single license then you are not authorised to resell it without first deactivating it from your account.

Ok, now I’m going to purchase an ElementorPro Export license for One year. But How can I get My gig? How I contact Fivver support?

Allow me to make a suggestion… first, contact customer support to check that they banned your gig for the reason I identified. I might be wrong. Once you have confirmed why your gig was banned - then you are in a position to take action.

As for getting your gig active again. That will be for Fiverr customer support to decide:

Thanks sir, I hope I get back my gig as soon as possible