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My gig suddenly stopped getting purchases

Hey everyone. So, during the month of May my gig was getting all sorts of buyers. Not many, since I am new, but, more than I had expected. I had completed five orders in a short amount of time and I was stoked. Then June and July rolled around and I haven’t even gotten one order. Not really sure what has happened. I have about seven positive five star reviews and everything as far as response rate, order completion rate, and on-time delivery is all at 100%. I hadn’t changed any of the gig details or anything, all of that has stayed the same. My gig is set to 1 Day Delivery and its Status is Express. I only charge $10 per 150 words and then an extra $5 per 150 words. I’ll attach a link for my gig so anyone can take a peek at it and let me know if there is anything I can improve to get people to start biting again. It’s just something I have fun doing and I enjoy working with people and working on doing voice overs. Thanks so much!

There’s an Fiverr myth that new sellers receive a boost in placement and exposure which helps new sellers get the ball rolling.