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My Gig Suddently Got Rejected & Denied Though It Was Doing Well

I was running a gig which published PDF reports on popular PDF sites like Scribd, Slideshare etc. It was doing well and I was getting good response. However, just today I received an email from Fiverr stating that my gig has been denied because of misleading or spam issues. Though, the gig has been active from many months, it suddenly got rejected.

What can I do about this? How can I contact the customer support to re-look at the gig and how can I avoid similar issues in future?

I would appreciate the help and advice of experienced Fiverr sellers. Thanks

This just happened to me, too. I assumed maybe my last customer for this gig flagged it to get out of paying, but maybe it’s a glitch? My gig certainly is neither spammy, misleading nor in any way illegal (I review websites and write up a report on steps they should take to improve SEO).

I submitted a ticket to the help desk about it but I’m very curious to know whether anyone else has had this happen recently.

It happened to me too. I,ve had 3 active gigs and not one, but 2 of them sudenly were being removed. I am an old member with very good reviews and stats. I really don,t know what,s going on.

Reply to @jmbauhaus: What was the response you got from customer support after your contacted them? Did they review your gig and re-active it? I am curious to know as I want to contact support requesting a review of my gig.

My gig became active again. I didn’t contact customer support though I thought about doing it but kept on postponing. Suddenly, the gig became active again. Could it be that my posting about it here prompted the fiverr people to have a look and re-activate it?