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My gig surprisingly came 1st page from 8th page

what is the reason? at night, before sleeping I saw, it was the 8th page. but in the morning surprisingly I saw it on the 1st page, what is the reason? It’s really surprising to me.


OMG, it’s really surprising. Also want to know about that.


Great! I hope one day, my gig will be there.

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I think It’s something like fiverr algorithm.

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Best wishes to you one day you will be there.

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@mustafij_saif Thanks god. May be it’s god gifted. You are so lucky.

yes, actually, I am.

Rally, lucky man… Keep going on fiverr

OMG…Great! work :heart:

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yeah… it is… :blush:

What about update any knock from client!

Yeap… get knock but didn’t order till now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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keep patience you will get more order!

yes in this month i completed 10 order with eight 5 star review :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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