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My Gig tag is not show

Last one month I’m facing gig tag issue. there is no tag show in my gig and my gig rank also down. My all gig now show one last page on the fiverr search result. Last one month I’m continuously conversation with Fiverr contact support. They told me to solve this issue but they are not able to solve the tag issue. Everyday I messaged them to solve this issue but they are failed. Anyone, please help me to solve this issue?


Did you receive any TOS warning?

No, I didn’t get any warning

I am best seller in my category and all gigs on last page Fiverr CS is not helping me I have more than 550 Reviews

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Now, are you get order sending buyer request?

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Same problem bro. I am new seller, I have used five tag in every gig but there have show two or three tag.

same here
no gig tags are visible.

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You can’t say you are the best seller in your category. That is a biased statement and it isn’t convincing. If you want to impress people, you give evidence… And you don’t do it in other people’s threads.


I didn’t say, I’m the best seller in my category. I said that my gig tag was not showing and fiverr support team didn’t able to solve that issue.

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Note that this this was a reply to someone else, not you.

OK, I am not number one seller but count me in top 10 in category because I am highly rated there.

I’m facing the same i3 as I used 5 tags in one of my gig but i can’t find except fiur tags. Can anybody tell me what is thr issue?