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My GIG Title and URL is not Matching


Hi Fiverr Members

Kindly tel me and solve my problem.

My GIG title is “I Will Design Your Eye Catching, Memorable Logo Design Quickly”

But you can see my URL link is different “Design-professional-logo-with-unlimited-revisions”

What is this?

kindly help me i am not getting orders from on month just get few orders.


Hi Ahmed. The URL always stays as it was in the first place, no matter if you change your gig title.


I am just wondering why is this surprising to you.

Are you telling us you dont remember the original gig title that you made?

If so, are you not the original user of this account?

Your account was created in nov 2015, yet you have been asking a lot of BASIC questions recently. Things you would have already known otherwise if you have been using Fiverr for that long.


And hence, me stumbling right into an English trap is forever burned into Fiverr :wink:


The eternal URL trap is the cousin of the ‘Oh I´ll choose whatever username to register quick now, it´s only internal anyway and they’ll let me pick a screen name later’ trap.

But if ever someone doubts you´re German, you can show them your URL. :wink:


Yes i created account in 2015 but start work few month ago.


Hi Ahmed !
It seemed as your first gig title is change. First gig title is the principle of your gig URL. it’s not change any more even you changing gig new title.