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My gig vanished

Hey ladies and Gentleman,
a week ago i started my new gig for creating youtube Thumbnails then i have to change the title and keywords for being ranking my gig and waiting for 24Hrs for the updation but recently am finding my gig but it coldnt find it …
waht can i have to do ? pause the gig to create new one or . what is the better option ? anyone plz comment … i hope your valuable comments
Thank you very much


All gigs are reviewed by Fiverr staff after they are edited, to make sure the changes abide by Fiverr’s rules. Since those who work are extremely busy right now – during the pandemic, it could be a few days before your gig is reinserted into the search system. Please be patient. This is how Fiverr works.

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okey , thank you for your replying ,
yup i have to wait … lets seee

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