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My gig video got rejected because it was too long... but!

My gig video got rejected because I was told it was too long. (70 seconds)
The email said they can only be 1 minute long.

Fiverr’s own web site page

says they can be 75 seconds.
Who’s in charge of making these arbitrary decisions or am I missing something?

If it were me, I’d edit it down to 60-seconds and be done with it.

Besides, who watches 70-second videos anymore?

If you don’t get their attention in the first three, you’ve lost 'em.

Seriously, go with the 60-second one.


I had a video that was rejected for being too long. Same reason. I suspect it’s category-related.

Ageed with Looseink, though, trim it if you can. If you think you can’t, then why?

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Category-Related ? What do you mean by that?
So not really because of the length, but for some other un-defined reason?

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My apologies, that was suppose to be past-tense. “I suspected…”

It’s a hypothesis I came up with when I was smarting after my own video was rejected, so in a way it’s ‘Sour Grapes’. I figured that maybe categories that focused on video, audio, and visuals were likely allowed the longer sample video times.

It and I have since been proven wrong many times, because of videos like yours, which would be in an audio category.

Was your letter pretty much identical to mine?

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All my gig videos have been over 60 seconds, and couple of them I had to extensively trim to barely squeak in under 75 seconds. I am fully aware that clients prefer gig videos that get straight to the point, but I can’t but help trying to inject some personality into mine.

Maybe you just had a gig video reviewer who was having a bad day or felt particularly knit picky.