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My gig video has been in the processing stage for more than 36 hours

My gig video has been in the processing stage for more than 36 hours, please resolve this bug, how much time should I wait until it’ll upload my video.

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I’m pretty sure your gig is against the Terms of Service.

Copy/paste from gig:

This is an instagram bot that can login into your account and goes to your selected giveaway post and tags people in comments so that you can increase your winning chance.

You’ll have instructions of how to make it run on couple different accounts and posts.

Our offer to you is a product that will help you get rid of the stress of entering a giveaway by unlocking the full potential of your follower base. This will be achieved in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES and you will be back to guaranteed wins again by only having to install Python 3.8, run the installer and input your account name and password as well as the post you are targeting in the given fields. The package comes with a README that will further address the way the instabot works through easy language and instructions at every step. Any additional information can be given and will be given with expertise in the shortest time by us.

The installation is very easy.The buyer only needs to install python (it is in the bot folder) and than run the bot.