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My gig videos activation

I dont get it.
I am now waiting since couple days for fiverr to review my gig videos and activate them even when they say that it will only take up to 24 hours .
Video under review. Please note, this may take up to 24 hours.

So someone know why it takes so long for them?

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There are thousands of sellers here and they don’t know how many videos they will get, so they have to cover themselves. 24 hours isn’t a long time when you consider this.

I waited several days with my Gigs on Draft. then I read that approval happens after you publish. Then… over a week later they were still “Processing”. I asked Support and they went live really fast.

I suspect there is a bug. I read in another post that deleting and re-uploading tends to solve it.


wow this was working on my 2 gigs so i Thank you for helping me out :slight_smile: