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My Gig Videos "Removed by our Trust & Safety team"

Hello! I recently added new gig videos to my galleries. However, they’re now gone and the thumbnails in my gig edit section state, “Removed by our Trust & Safety team.” Does anyone know what this is all about? The content was clearly my own creation and was under the 50 MB and 70-second guideline/rule they give. What in the world could have thrown up a red flag? What do I need to know when uploading videos to my gig? Thanks!


Me too, looking forward to experts

Did you use any software or template to create your video?

I think there must be some thing against from TOS which may be you didn’t notice at time you prepared/uploaded (some thing like copyright strike such as background music or images etc…) or some one from your competition marked it by some solid proof. Also possible that later on you will receive an email in which fiverr team can suggest you some better way. What if we can see that video here to find what caused for that removal?

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You can ask customer support why these were removed. It could be any of several reasons.

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We have no way of knowing why your gigs or videos or anything was removed. You need to ask customer support. How would we know?


Hi! Yes, I used Adobe InDesign and created the content from scratch.