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My Gig view is increasing but not bringing in orders


My Gig impression and view is about 1,457 and 107 respectively but i have just 7 orders. What can I do to increase the conversion rate?


Honestly I think you are doing quite good.
I see that you have recently joined Fiverr and already got 7 orders with 5 star reviews.
This is really a great start.
Also your gigs are neat and look professional.
Give it some time, you will see buyers rolling in soon.
Good luck.


Ok, Thanks dear. Maybe I should keep my fingers crossed.


You are very welcome.
Keep delivering good quality work with good customer support to your clients. :slight_smile:


@janedwriters count yourself lucky as other don’t have orders but you have 7👌


It is good for you. Few months my sales go down because I focus on offline sales