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My gig was at top 5, now nowhere


It is been 5 years now on Fiverr, My gig was constantly ranked in top 5 But since last month it sometimes vanished from search result sometimes on top. It is been 4 days now gig is activate but no where in the search result.

Anyone is facing this issue?

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Yeah the same have happened to me


Something is definitely not right. I have been selling for a year and all of my gigs were always best-selling in their categories. Around May (When the impression bug appeared) all of my gigs went to the last page and a bunch of other sellers are reporting the same issue. I contacted CS about it but not much has been done. I hope that they can fix it soon so that everything can run as smooth as before.

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Hope they will sort it out soon, it is really a pain for me :confused:


I am facing the same issue. My gig was at top page and now it is at bottom most. I hope Fiverr can resolve the issue. They are big company but everyday we see bugs.


It is part of the algorithm, from time to time it changes to give opportunities to other freelancers. This is the time where you have to continue delivering and showing the algorithm that you are worth the first page spots.

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No body knows about that algorithm. That’s business rules. In face, i did quality work, always received positive ratings with 5 Star. My customers were satisfied but still I’m at last page.


Yes! CS told me that the sellers who perform the best get to be on the first page after I confronted them about the bug so they pretty much hinted that it’s not their fault but that is absolutely not the case. The whole gig deranking happened at the start of May and a lot of sellers are reporting that problem. I still have repeat and loyal customers so I scored around 10-20 orders but no new messages, no new impressions even after my gig has been receiving orders and when I click the best-selling filter the best-selling gigs are gigs with 1 review. Like hell, I received 10 times that just from my repeat customers. Something’s going on and we need to report it, a lot of sellers are experiencing the same bug but CS is denying that there is a problem. For me it’s a fact. Check my other threads:

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There is no such thing as “gig rank” in the search results. Gigs vary in search position, and are not guaranteed to be at the top. I’ve had gigs drop to the bottom, rise to the top, settle in the middle… it’s how the algorithm works, and I’ve been on Fiverr (to experience this) many years longer than you. This sort of thing happens to every seller. Just be a great seller, and let the algorithm do its thing.

I would have to agree with Fiverr too, they neither manipulate the search results (i.e., the algorithm runs on its own), nor do they guarantee any specific (or permanent) position in the results.

That’s because there is no problem. This is how the search algorithm works. And no, it’s not a bug.

But it is a thing when a bug in the platform appears and then out of nowhere a bunch of sellers have the same issue. The first page is full of poor performance gigs but my gig with 231 full 5 star reviews (out of 235) is at the last page. The best-selling filter also doesn’t work apparently as I had around 10 orders for the last few days by repeat clients, 4 orders in queue at once but the best-selling gigs right now are… 1 star gigs with 0 queued orders? Something’s not right and I’m sure of it. Gigs who perform good are boosted, that’s how the algorithm should work. My gig has always been performing great, in fact I lost my first page spot right after my best month on here, around the time when the “Impression” bug appeared so I’m pretty much sure that it has something to do with that.

New sellers who want to remain at the top of the search results have been complaining about this very thing for years. It is not a bug, and it is not new. It is how the Fiverr search system works.

This sounds a little selfish. Maybe Fiverr wants to give those “poor performance gigs” a chance to improve their visibility and performance. Why do you feel that your gig does not have to compete for visibility? There are thousands of other sellers who want to be at the top too.

And I can assure you, gig rotation is not new, nor is there anything different with how things have been working now, than they were before. Just because your gig has entered rotation, doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. Not every seller can be at the top. Like I said… rotation. Your gig might be at the bottom now… it could be back at the top in a few weeks. No one is entitled to be on the first page, just because they think they belong there. We all rotate in the results. It’s how the system works.

A bug in how analytics are displayed has nothing to do with where your gig is in the search results. It’s an analytics display bug. Fiverr has even said as much. The algorithm is working exactly as it is supposed to, which would seem to be evidenced by what Fiverr has told you, specifically.

No, nothing is working as intended. I’ll give you an example - I just checked my orders page and I have completed 13 orders for the last week just from repeat customers, but I am at the last page with the Best-selling filter applied, which is definitely not the case as I’ve been spectating and observing each gig on the first page. Most of the gigs are gigs without reviews, 1 5 star review for the last month or gigs with 4.3 star 10 total reviews. As for the gig rotation - you’re totally missing the point of how it works. The highest performance gigs are up there, the mid-tier gigs are tossed in the back a little to make room for new potential sellers and the low performance gigs are deranked. I always invest 150% of my energy in my work and that’s how I became a best-seller. I have been one for the last year, my stats were always 100% and my profile has a full 5 star rating estimated from almost 500 reviews. And yeah, you can send me the same robotic response about an issue that you’re not experiencing but I know for a fact that something’s not right because the math doesn’t work. 13 orders and 11 reviews for a week on a single gig and my gig is the last gig on the 5th and last page. Gigs with 1 review from 5 months ago and zero queued orders for the last week have been on the FIRST page, both in search results and with the “Best-selling” filter applied. And A LOT of sellers are reporting this issue. Just for the past few hours we have 40+ sellers who reported it and it’s literally the same story where literally all of the details from A to Z match.


You have already posted this exact block of text in another thread. Copy-pasting your comments in multiple forums comes across as spam. Please stop doing it.

Yes, this was where I intended to post it originally, you are commenting on multiple threads so it’s hard to keep track.


Very true that no one knows


Same problem my. Thank you


I also facing the same issue from last few months, i contacted CS many time but they told me that’s because of my performance. I completed many order and even my gig is not showing anywhere. and sellers who don’t have any reviews yet but there gig is showing at top.

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My gigs has been on last page since January

I also observe it too, because whenever i have a load of order my gig stops rankings and when i deliver the order, my gig starts ranking.

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Honestly speaking, i am on Fiverr since 2014, and since 2017 my gig was floating in top 5, but since only two months my gig is nowhere not even in the end of the page for that particular keyword, at least it should be at any place, on top, in middle, or at least at the end of result?

What kind of algo is it? I mean i suspect it is a bug :bug: if it was an algo then at least my gig should somewhere in the list?