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My gig was de-rank

Hi, i am getting daily 2-3 order and on 28oct 2020 , my gig was automatically de-rank, about my rating all are 5 star and best reviews, but i don’t know why my gig was de-rank i concern fiverr support but there were no response, I also hired someone to rank my gig they said to chagne all thing title description, tag image but still no improvement, today 28nov, almost one month completed and still no order.
I done 2 orders in this month from buyer request, sent daily 10 buyers request, daily social media sharing even i run web click through Facebook but no improvement, anyone help me please…


Gigs fluctuate as that is the nature of algorithms. No amount of posting on Facebook changes that and that’s not how social media works.

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I also facing this problem after edit my gig

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This is exactly the same problem I am facing as well. Despite having 5 star rating, my impression and rankings are decreasing day by day. No orders are coming…even promoting my gigs ain’t working.


So what can i do to re rank my gig

You can’t. Don’t think there is a formula of tasks you can perform to rank where you want or where you did.

As I said it doesn’t work that way.

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you mean that i have to just wait

No. Waiting doesn’t bring sales. Being exceptional, in demand and not superfluous gets sales.

Hi, once you edit your gig, you start from scratch in terms of ranking. If you edited your gig, that’s the reason