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My Gig was deleted by Fiverr and No specific reason was givin! SMFH

Hi, so I had a gig where I provide Real SoundCloud Followers and It started off a little slow.

It’s been up for about a month, more sales started to come in and all was going well. I provided

all my buyers with great customer service. Nothing was wrong then one day I log in to manage

as always and I notice my gig was missing from my gig list!

Some time later I got an email telling me my gig was denied, no specific reason was given!

I’m very saddened by this. It was my only gig becoming successful since my christmas gig.

Till today I still don’t know what I did wrong and I see many other people doing the same gig.

Even my returning customers message me to ask me where is my gig? :frowning:

I’ve attached the email and one message from a customer. How do I contact Support??

Please let me know if you’ve had this experience. What happen and what did you do?