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My gig was deleted for copyright reasons?


Hi guys, so I made this new Gig for doing commissions (drawing and painting) and my gig kept getting refused because the work i posted on the samples was claimed “not mine” although it is my original work… Anyone experienced this before? and How do I solve it?


Perhaps you had made the drawing of something copyright protected.
Can you post the sample you are talking up of ? (Put a watermark on it before)


Hi, thank you so much for you answer, and no, i didn’t post anything that is copyrighted. This was the picture that was signaled, it’s my original character…Weird


Someone might have complained that this was taken from DA art (although the DA art could be yours).

That’s all I can think of regarding this particular image.


You need to use the image without your signature, the DA link at the bottom and the watermark. It would perhaps then get the approval.


Sounds like a good idea, let me tell you why.

I do “Photo Manipulations”, so once I went to Walmart with my file to have a COPY printed out.
The guy checks out the image and goes sorry I cannot print this.
Why? Because at the bottom it was :copyright: DJGODKNOWS, which I placed myself… lol

So I was like I AM DJ GODKNOWS , he was like prove it…
Well long story short, I technically got picked up on my own copyright and failed to get what I wanted… lol

So yeah…


You have a watermark on there that looks like your website url. This is not allowed on Fiverr. You can only use approved url’s.
As said above, this might be the issue.


I am sure it’s the watermark, as other users have said.

1 - Fiverr does not allow external URLs to deviantart. Tumblr and other sites seem to be fine, tho. They have a whole list of allowed URLs available in the FAQ. It’s possible that the image was flagged just as a mention of your dA profile on the gig description could be flagged.

2 - Fiverr has no way of knowing for sure if that is your dA profile, or someone else’s, so they probably adopted a “better safe than sorry” policy.

3 - The dA watermark could put off potential buyers, just saying. There is no way a buyer can know if that’s your dA profile or not, so the first assumption might be that you just saved a random image of google and are trying to rip them off.

TL;DR: Try to use the original file, without the conspicuous URL and watermark. That should do it.