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My gig was denied after all ready being approved wtf!

Ok so i created by gig and it went live in a hour and all was good then i edited it with a new image

after a wile under review i got told to remove the urls from my description i did so and my gig got approved

i then updated by gig with a new image now this image had urls in it and it was appoved but wen i updated it again i got told i had to remove the urls

now i edited the image and removed all the urls and wen i come back my gigs been denied

i mean WTF you approved it with urls then told me i had to remove them then approved it with urls in the images then told me i had to remove the urls and after doing so

yous then deny my gig with no reason given

really if it was good enough to approve 3 times why on earth has it been deined ???

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