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My gig was denied and can I still get my earnings?

Hi i am new here in fiverr, my gig was denied after a month. However, Ive already got a couple of orders . Can I still get my pending clearance? And Ive still got pending orders, can i have it delivered then still get paid?

“This gig breaches our ToS, but sure you can do these orders for it.”

Does that makes sense to you?

If you break the rules of a card game, do you get to finish playing that hand? No. You’re out and gone.

Why would Fiverr let you do work that breaches their ToS? Think about it.

But I didnt know I breached their tos. So I will never get my money? its on their pending clearance

So it’s okay to breach ToS if you haven’t read them? No.

Read the ToS.

When did I say you won’t get your money for orders in pending clearance? I only said you can’t do existing orders in your queue you haven’t completed.

but the order are still in progress.

You’re talking about two different things:

Orders that are completed for which the money is pending clearance.

And orders that are in your queue that you haven’t completed.

Yes I have orders in queue before my gig was taking down, is it necessary to finish them? and still got paid for it?

Do you have an issue understanding English?

I just explained why Fiverr wouldn’t allow you to do that.

If they removed your gig it’s because they don’t want you doing that service. So why would they let you do the orders you had open for it?

I’ve never encountered this problem, and I’ve only seen people asking when their profile was temporarily disabled, but never a gig that’s been denied but had current orders pending.

Your best bet is to ask Customer Support directly and explain to them what happened in your particular case. You can open a ticket here:

Good luck