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My Gig was denied because the images were not original, but they were!

I had a Gig with three of my illustrations when I received a message: my Gig was denied because the images were not original! They are original, made by me in the last weeks! What’s wrong with these people! I couldn’t object, I couldn’t contact support service… All the images were originals! Drawn by me! I spent a fair amount of time in each one. I also spent a fair amount of time creating my Gig… and now it all may be lost.
I’d like to talk to someone, I feel powerless and frustrated.
The worst seller experience I ever had.

did you draw those images by taking inspiration from someone else’s images? were they close enough to look like someone else’s images?

They were three illustrations of dinosaurs. They were completely original, and I’m serious about this, absolutely, original. I didn’t imitate or copy anything!
I got all the work-in-progress images, from sketch to final art. They are published in my Instagram page as well.

I’m really sorry about that. I don’t know how to fix this but was there a warning after that? and did you try uploading the images again by creating another gig?

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I just added a brief faq to my Gig and noticed it was pending aproval. Today I woke up with the message that it had been deleted for the mentioned reason.
There was no warning at all. It just went from published to pending aproval to deleted. I didn’t have the opportunity to explain or clarify anything
It is so frustrating… now I fear someone else is using my images…

I’m sure it is frustrating. I’m new here so i might not be of much help but i think you can try sending an email to the fiverr team or by contacting them in person whichever is possible for you. Here is the link i have found

Thank you very much. I hope everything goes alright for you. I tried through seller support but couldn’t send it. Now I sent an e-mail. As soon as I get an answer I’ll report back here so you can have an idea of what you can expect.
I’ve seen other people with the same issues, deleted gigs because they felt like it without any warning or consultation…

All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe they found the images on the web on your instagram (maybe not knowing it was your instagram) and so they thought they weren’t original. If you show them proof they’re created by you etc. they should allow it I think.

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Then they could have checked, since that Instagram account is the one I use in my profile… there are many ways they could have handled the situation.


Sounds fishy! :thinking: Keep us posted!

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Alright, so, something happened and I’m much surprised. Without any communication, request or answer to my mail I just received a message: Your Gig is live!
I checked and there it is, me Gig is active again. I supose they checked something… I dunno, actually. But the fact is that me Gig was active, then pending approval then denied and from there to active again…
Thank you very much to all of you!
Any further development I’ll keep you posted

glad to know. best of luck!

In fact, is funny, because yesterday I updated me Gig, changed the description and the status of me Gig changed to… Pending Approval!!! And what’s my surprise today when I discover that not just me Gig, they removed me account as well for what reason? Oh! You know! Not original artwork! Again! The second time in two weeks… this is infuriating. Now they asking me if I can send prove that I owe the rights to my pieces… it is me artwork! It was made by me! I owe those pieces! They’re mine Because I draw them! They are me original artwork!
This ain’t serious. Even if I get me gig and me account back I think I’ll leave fiverr for good.
Also, check the terms of service related to intellectual property… it is all morbid! The moment you sell you transfer all intellectual property rights if you do not clearly specify the opposite in the description of the Gig. Also, you don’t have a way to ensure they respect your rights as creator.
This is insane. The worst form of millenial capitalism I’ve seen.
Edit: I took away all the bad words I hope the flagging was not because of the capitalism thing

Why can’t you contact CS? But yeah, I hear a lot about all this on the forum. It’s not just you.

Your images are so good, reviewer can’t believe they’re original??

Alright, new update. Today they reinstituted me account and me Gig. Not a single apology, not a single explanation… everytime i edit/update me Gig is gonna be like that, I know, they know, we all know, but are gonna make like everything is normal.
I think I’ll leave Fiverr for two reasons:

  1. It doesn’t seems serious (see this topic)
  2. The situation regarding copyright and intellectual property. The fact that your work, your creation, that thing you create and nobody ever created or will create again, can be sold so cheap and with absolutely no guarantee. The fact that you cannot even ensure they do respect your moral rights over your work or they do respect the prohibition of commercial use. And even if they respect, how much are you gonna ask? 100$? Too much? They’ll create a revenue! They’ll get an income from that! And it is all so impersonal that surely basic ethic behaviours aren’t followed.
    When I asked how they can ensure that me rights as creator are respected they just and answered that they cannot! But if I get to know that they are abusing me rights as creator I can talk to seller support to “see what we can do” (sic).
    Please, creators of the world, unite. I know everyone has its situation but this fancy online capitalism of happiness and subtle exploitation is too much. I openned an account and I deeply regret it. I’ll find other ways. In the meantime, please, protect your work, for they will use it.
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Sorry to hear that.

About the copyright issue: since you deliver images created by you and your buyers get them with the right to do whatever they want with them (even copyright them as their own), then the images you use as your Gig-Images should be images that you have not delivered to a buyer, ever. Images that you only use as your Gig-Images on Fiverr only. I suppose this way Fiverr will never tell you these images are copyrighted elsewhere.

I hope that helps

The issue with me gig images is already solved. The thing now is with fiverr’s policy regarding intellectual property and copyright. You don’t actually have to transfer your intellectual property rights when you deliver your work, but the protection Fiverr offers is nule and also there are some gaps regarding compensation when in that situation.