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My gig was denied (I don't understand)


Hi! I’m on Fiverr since the last February with this gig. I’m illustrator and my gig was “I’ll make you an illustration of a sexy girl”. I haven’t had any problem, in fact, I had 5 or 6 orders every week, very few cancellations and a lot of positive votes and comments. There wasn’t explicit sex in the illustrations (it was something I wrote in the description box, just sexy or erotic drawings, maybe nudes depending on the illustration, but nothing pornographic.)

So, why have happened this suddenly? It was strange because this week I haven’t had orders, and I thought it was because of the summer and the holidays, but today I have realized that my gig was cancelled. I have written CS explaining the situation but I’m a little afraid because I really need the orders of this gig, so that’s why I’m posting this. Any ideas?