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My gig was denied. Is there anything I could do? :(

Hi everyone!

(I don’t know if this is the right category… my apologies if I put it in the wrong sub.)

So… like the title says, today I opened my email and saw the worst news ever regarding one of my gigs. It said that one of my gigs, my most active one as of now, has been denied due to a third party complaint. I’m… not really sure why, as I never copied anyone’s title or description, or anything. My gig started out as one review per gig, but since nobody was ordering, I bumped it up to three to get more reviews and hopefully gain more exposure. After a few reviews, since I was getting some orders already, I made it 2 reviews per gig. I even got an order earlier! And according to My Gigs, it’s still Active. But it’s not visible from my profile anymore. Can anyone give me an idea why it would be denied all of a sudden? :frowning:

My main concerns now are, of course, all those (7, haha, I’m still a newbie! Kinda.) reviews, and also the fact that I earned $56 from this gig, and the funds haven’t been cleared yet. $56 already means a lot to me, since, like I said, I’m still (kinda) a newbie, plus, my country isn’t one of those high-currency countries. Will those pending funds disappear? How about my 2 orders in queue? What will happen to them? :frowning:

Thank you so much in advance. I’m really feeling so down right now. sigh

Reply to @kjblynx: Ah, I see. :slight_smile: Well, I’m glad to hear that they won’t. I was really worried.

Also, I didn’t know that. Whew. Thank you for the information! ^^

Reply to @kjblynx: As an aside, Amazon needs to crack down on their own search function too - its getting impossible to actually find anything!