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My gig was denied out of no where!

Hello! My 90% sell was coming out from this specific gig. Two days ago I opened up a support ticket regarding the issue that my gig wasn’t on the search list. Mr. Paul, from the support center, told me to wait for 24 hours, and their team was supposed to give a proper observation about this issue. And just a few minutes ago I received a notification that my gig was denied. My question is out of nowhere why did it happen? Everything was perfectly fine and this happened out of nowhere and I really can’t appreciate it right now. That was my best seller gig and as I said, I had 90% sell on this specific gig. Please, experts, help me out and i really want the gig back on the rank. What should i do in this case? Your suggestions are really appreciated! Thank you!

I assume you can click on a link to find out why or ask CS.

Maybe it was because of the URL you included in your gig. The shortened link site wasn’t in the list of allowed URLS and neither was the site that shortened link went to. So if you create another gig, make sure any URLs are on the allowed list.

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I did text the CS about it although i didn’t receive any text from them yet. If i can remove the shortlink from the gig will that help to get the gig back? Thanks fro the reply though!

I don’t know you are best asking CS about that. Also you offer to install Elementor Pro - doesn’t that cost quite a lot ( ie. at least $49 a year and you were doing it for $5)? Maybe they weren’t sure if everything was okay about that.

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As far as I know you cannot recover a denied gig. You have to create a new one. The reviews you got will remain in your profile. You can contact CS for further clarifications.

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Yes! That’s what i did. I asked the CS about it, i hope they’ll reply on it asap. And about the Elementor Pro, i was offering Elementor Pro proper setup for their website or i was offering them to have the GPL version of the plugin ( and i do ask the clients before they purchase the package). And if anything was unusual i was expecting the support team to ask me about it instead of denying the gig directly after two/three months. Extremely weird it is!!

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By any chance is it possible to get the gig back? I don’t know what should be dine right now. Even contacting the cs directly isn’t working right now as they’re not replying to the ticket yet! I’m so disappointed right now :frowning:

@lloydsolutions might be able to explain to you the rules.
The best thing to do is to start afresh.
I understand your situation. My one was denied within a month. But I don’t think CS will support you since you have violated the TOS.

I’ve no problem starting from the fresh but i was really expecting the CS to come up to a conclusion as you know how tough it is to get sells on a fresh new gig. On the other hand i had 35+ reviews on that specific gig and it’s hard to get peoples trust and one hundred percent positive reviews on a specific gig and if that went away out of no where, that hurts!

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There is nothing much you can do about it.Today one of my clients canceled the order because he was looking for native speakers. That hurts.
A good performing gig with lots of reviews is a great achievement. But if it doesn’t follow the set criteria one day or the other you should face the consequences.
Be happy that your account is safe and sound.

Why was my Gig denied?

If your Gig has recently been denied, you will receive an email update explaining why. Unfortunately, once your Gig has been denied, it will not be restored. If you are still having issues understanding why, we advise that you review our Terms of Service for more information.

The above is from the Help Centre.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Nobody here can get your gig back.


Thank you guys for giving your time on it! :slight_smile:

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