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My gig was denied please suggest me idea

Hello Dear,

Please help me for activate my gig. All gig are perfectly working but right now all are denied same time.

so please give me idea regarding this how i will retrieve it.

Thanking you.

How do you expect us to help you if have no idea what services you were providing, where did you take your images and simply what the reason that fiverr sent to you in the email after they denied your gig?

We are not a mind-readers unfortunately.

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No , this kind of mail not coming to me from fiverr

Yes it is. Check your spam message, check your fiverr notifications, and notification on the gig itself, they ALWAYS send a message as for why the gig was denied

P.S and you still ignored all my other questions…:woman_shrugging:

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Mam i already check no one mail from fiverr regarding denied.
Direct all gig was denied not a single one.

No, Notification is also there

I am really struggling with people asking for an advise and ignoring questions that was asked to try to figure out what’s the problem.

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Ok no problem
let me know whenever you free.

Is it a language barrier? Could you understand everything what I wrote? I’m even copying it for you here. Could it be a language problem that you didn’t understand one of the emails from fiverr?


Hi there @skyway2020, why do you refer everyone as Dear? Don’t refer us as DEAR, LOVE, BUDDY, BRO, MATE, and the list goes on and on… It is very unprofessional. Also as @mariashtelle1 so perfectly describes… what do you want us to help you with? Be more specific of what your thread is about?

Have a wonderful day, Kindly Humberto