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My gig was denied, reason?


Hi everyone,

I have a problem in fiverr, I have seen the next month (January 2017) fiverr will make changes.

Fiverr tell me, I need change text of my gigs (translate to english).

I translate my gigs but now, my gig “I will do your Java taks”

The reasons are:

Gig not Corrected - It seems that this Gig was not corrected according to our recommendations or past reminders. We kindly ask for your awareness and responsiveness if your Gigs need modification in the future.

Your Gig requires modification - Please make sure you translate your title, description, requirements, packages, gig extras and all other text to English

I translate muy gig and now it is removed.

What is the reason? I have translated my gig

Has anyone ever occurred to you?



I can really only guess. I have had gigs that needed corrections, and once I had one denied. On mine the image was not clear enough and it was suspended. I fixed it, but the new image was still not good enough and I was very new. The gig was denied permanently and I had to make it again.

In your case I see two things that might be part of it. One is that they told you to translate your gigs and “all other text” to English. Your profile is not translated, so maybe they were unhappy with that. (As I said, I’m guessing.)

The more likely culprit might have been your translation. If your English wasn’t quite up to par or you made mistakes, they may have seen that as failure to translate. You have some things in your post that I don’t fully understand. You have [quote=“discoduroderoer, post:1, topic:94775”]
will do your Java taks

I don’t know if taks is a typo, a translation problem, or a technical word. Maybe it was supposed to be tasks. If CS thought it was a translation problem, those type of mistakes could have nailed you.

My best suggestion to you is to translate your profile, your gig titles and descriptions, your FAQs, extras, etc. Then have someone bilingual and very good with English check your translation. This could help you avoid problems. I can’t be sure of any of that. Perhaps someone else with translation issues will respond as well.


Paste your translated text here for the full description. Sure we can help you out


I am seeing problem now.

The description is not translate, my fault.

But Can I recover my gig? Now, Only give one option, delete.



Then you’ll need to re set up your gig, before you do make sure you post your english text here so we can take a look over it for you.


I will do it.