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My Gig was denied, so now what do I do?

My Gig was denied, so now what do I do?

Now how i can resolve this issue no body help me on this issue please i request you everyone give me some tips please it’s most important…

What was your gig about please?

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We need details of what your gig was about as offlinehelpers requested.

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i will provide " online reputation management services "

Okay - you’d need to tell us a bit more - was it creating positive reviews for businesses on third-party websites by any chance?

Please check this screen short for same online reputation management services bu other people…

What anybody else is offering is neither here nor there - what’s important is what you were offering?

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Now i have creating new Gig with new account but review team remove my Gig …

Please help me…

This is getting to be like 20 questions. Please just tell us what you were offering as your gig - we might be able to help you then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am offering same service

But, they’re all offering different services. Even one word of difference in your gig description could get your gig denied. There’s nothing to say the other gigs won’t be denied either, but we can’t help unless you tell us what you were offering, and what reason Fiverr CS gave for your gig being denied.

Without that info,there’s nothing anybody here can do.

I do hope you haven’t opened a second account…


You’re not allowed to have more than one Fiverr account. If you do have multiple accounts, all of them could get banned.

Also, if you keep creating new gigs offering the exactly same thing as the denied gig, you could get banned.

Through Google cache, I have found one of your gig descriptions, and in it, it looked like you promised that you would get your clients positive reviews and ratings (among other things). That might be the problem, because selling reviews is forbidden.

That’s just my guess about the possible problem; though; only Customer Support can tell you why, exactly, your gig was denied.


Thank you @catwriter - third party ToS violation as thought then! :slightly_smiling_face:


Please check it… Gig info…

Mark a Strong online Presence with greater visibility and positive Google Image
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Our services Include:
⎫ Fix your search Engine results
⎫ Enhance your visibility by boosting up your positives
⎫ Removing any defaming and derogatory article, press release, URL.
⎫ Will re-create your online image and help you establishing as a brand
⎫ Strong and active social media accounts
⎫ Remove any negative review and ratings
⎫ Court and Government link suppressing
⎫ Rip-off report removal
It’s Now or Never. Contact us today or you can drop a message for a free quote.

I’m not sure that these are allowed, but, again, I can only guess. You’ll need to contact Customer Support and ask for their help and guidance, or you risk getting your gig denied again, and, if you keep publishing it, getting your account removed, too.


Thank’s for your help…

Please update me more details " Google cache …

Can i have open my Fiverr account form different locations ?

Yes, of course you can - if you want THEM shut down.

You can only have ONE account.


Please update me for Gig images ?