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My Gig was denied, why cant I access the information on it to create a new one?

So I am COMPLETLY new to this. I am trying to design stuff and I created a gig and it was denied because my pictures were not “original” so it was denied. I am wondering if there is still any way that I can get all of my information I put on the Gig back? I want to use it again and I will just upload different pictures. I worked over an hour on that Gig and I am scared that I have lost everything!!! ;,( can anyone help?

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  1. Because they don’t want you to. If they didn’t do this, people would just create the same gig again.

  2. You should always back-up your work.

Sorry to hear that.

Same thing happened to me twice.

So what I do now is create the gig somewhere else like onenote and when I actually create or edit a gig copy the content from onenote.

This way I will have access to all the information.

It still would be great to have access to out own denied gigs. Mine where denied after being in use for years. One had no apparent reason, everything was original.

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Thanks for the response. I had starting doing that after the 2nd denial. This is frustrating and I am totally new to this. It’s my first account and first gig. Sorry this happened to you as well, especially after having it up for a long time. That is weird! I wonder how they determine what “original” work is… how do they know you did or didn’t do it?!

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