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My gig was doing great but now!

a few months ago I started working on Fiverr. My gig was doing great after 2-3 days. I started getting a response from buyers I did 1 order and 1 cancel and aging 1 order then due to business I paused my gig now after 2 months I started again when I started all my impression were lost all things were lost. So I started doing a bid, in starting few days I get a response from 3-4 buyers and my gig impression was increasing rapidly but now it very slow Its a 7th day but no buyers come and only a few impressions increase. please tell me what’s going on.


That’s the Coronavirus effect.

Coronavirsu effects humans not them computers and online systems

look up this:

Thanks for reply but it’s matter for eCommerce. Any how because of coronavirus every one want his business online. I am providing services of digital marketing and WordPress website development. Therefor I think business should increase. And also experts are saying due to coronairus online business and services demand are increasing.

It depends with the service that your costumer would provide: a lot of countries are delivering only essentials things, and for this reason no one would invest money on the building of a website to sell not essentials things.

Hi, welcome to the forum, your gigs will take a few days to comeback in search result, don’t worry. Be consistent and active.

If you were getting a lot of US buyers, you do have to keep in mind that over 16 million US citizens have filed for unemployment in the past month or so, meaning there are significantly less people willing to spend money right now, and a lot more of those people trying to make money online - thereby increasing competition. I’d imagine many other countries are having similar things happen re: unemployment and many displaced workers moving to online work.

Perhaps there aren’t many people searching for your services. After all, you are offering services that appeal to businesses, and most small businesses are closed, scaled back, or do not have the spending power they once had.

Please be aware that just because you offer certain services, doesn’t mean you are entitled to regular sales. There are many factors that may be slowing your market. If people need your services, and you are the best seller for the job, buyers will hire you. If they don’t need your services – as may well be the case right now – they won’t be hiring. Please be mindful of the concept of supply and demand.

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this virus damaged a millions of business around the world, dont worry brother you will get it better.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

@hinajehan @kyfrieddesign @jonbaas @sa_classydesign, Thanks to all.


welcome brother :blush:

I am new also on fiverr

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much much do hard work and keep work and stay connected with fiverr @shikhatafsin .