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My Gig was drastically deranked/relegated from the first search page

Hello all!!
I am a data analyst as well as a level one seller, I do get about at least 5 order request daily initially but recently my Gig had less or no impression, I was not getting any request like before. However, I had cancelled 5 orders initially 3 which were on mutual agreement and 2 by me. My delivery rate got reduced to 85%.
Now when I search for my Gig, it either does not show up or shows up on the fifth page. I am really worried about this.
I need the community’s advise about this, every advise and opinion is highly appreciated and welcomed.
Thanks a lot.


keep marketing your gigs. I think your gig impression will be incising day by day. Good luck

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Same issue with me…

It’s happen I think all of the user here on fiverr due to the competition or any new policy of fiverr.

This things happen with me almost after 1-2 months and don’t know when the gigs back to it’s original position, I think that we have to wait and work hard on our orders and provide best possible services to get the great feedback and ratings.