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My gig was going boom then community said me your competitor is better than you and my gig are going flop now!

#1 i was started my business with this gig … it was working very well
but now this was hidden from search area i was connected with support now they say me your gig is poor rather than other so we done this job for search area so how to
improve my gig for back as old :frowning:
thanks in advance for help


I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say. Are you saying that your gig dropped in the search results, and you want to know how to raise it back up to where it was?


Yes exactly my gig is dropped right now


i am totally agree with @jonbaas, your information was not to understand what you say, or if you gig was going down or not getting a impression then you have to update your gig, like attractive text profile picture and many more,:slight_smile: