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My Gig was gone to Last page from first page two month before and now after two month my Gigs are still on last page

Great Suggestion. Everybody can follow this.

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Thank you, I wish the same for you.


Was your gig ever returned to page one? Because I am experiencing similar issue for two months now.

This happened to me and my every gig on the very last possible page. This is what I deserve after working day and nights for complete 5000 orders since 2013. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you get back to first page?

Did anyone get back to first page after so much time in last page?

Also how many months did you use before getting your gig back to first or second page

This is a question that is still left to be solved. Just pray, work on your account and hope for the best.

Yes, I return to 2nd page… after 60 days…

I’ve been on last page for days more than 2months and I’m stuck there

A gig with 13k impression now 168 impression

No warning

No late delivery

No cancellation

No negative review


Literally nothing, and I’m stuck there having fun :grinning:

All thanks to the algorithm😭


Total how many days it took. To get back to normal.

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I think it can take up to revelation of fiverr…after 60 days or 30 days… Now in coming 15 may. But you must need to improve your order completion, deliver on time.

Thank you very much for reply.

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Just an update my gigs came back to second page after 5months and went back to last page after one week on the second page… I need to wait another 5 months I guess

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How? what actually you changed?

Hi Bro. Can you please let me know how to create a gig with good SEO. How to do SEO for a gig?

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Nothing … I was surprised… altho I deleted a gig but not the one that was ranking… my least gig with no reviews


Now what is your ranking? What techniques do you used?

I am worried. how can I solve the problem?
Thank you

the same problem, last 3 month my gig 5 times back to the front line then again the last page

Mine has been in the last pages for business plan for over 10 months. I used to be in page 1 and a Fiverr Choice seller. I have my fingers crossed.