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My Gig was gone to Last page from first page two month before and now after two month my Gigs are still on last page

Some seller I see now fixed but why I am not?

My gigs also remove from the end of JUNE and still it doesn’t appear in search. I can’t find it to anywhere, in the last page too! only can see if I filtering like country, level and language. :frowning:

Your gig page is up maybe active, it’s position and availability on search is determined automatically. Please be aware that Fiverr does not guarantee that your gig will appear in our search.

My all of gigs was 1st pages with some keywords . Now , I got 2nd warning 5 days ago and after got 2nd warning My all of gig out of search . For this reason I will contact Fiverr support Fiverr support said to me my all of gig active But really it’s not in search results . I am very disappointed now
If anyone have solution please share with me
Thank you

@sayem_seo, consider this for a moment… if you were Fiverr, would you want sellers who break the rules (who ignor the terms of service) to be featured on the first page of your search results? You have TWO warnings. That’s not good. Perhaps Fiverr knocked your gigs lower in the search results so that you have time to correct your errors, and learn how to become a better seller who doesn’t break the rules.

No seller is guaranteed top placement in the search results. It would be wise to take this time to learn how to work within the rules, and do what you need to do to connect to your customers on your own. Fiverr wants great sellers who don’t break the rules. Work hard – moving forward – to become a great seller.


Try to do some business with your old clients with this difficult time. Then your gig will be back to normal. Keep trying brother, don’t give up!

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I will recommend the seller with 2 warnings to take a break and study the rules very well before resuming as a third warning means your account will be disabled. Stay safe.

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I am sorry. I cannot agree with you on many topics.
I see many sellers still have the same problem where the seller get lot’s of order and she is TRS and many labels 2 seller. I am one of them
My all is 100%
But I don’t know why my all gig is the last page.
I hope you understand.
Thank you

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