My gig was in good ranking now cant get any orders



my gig was in category infographic i was getting regular orders now i cant get a single order why? i see my gig still remain in category sometimes i cant find my gig is that because algorthm in fiverr s search or something?

any help?

here is my gig

any suggestions appreciated


You have 11 orders in que…

If that is not great count of orders in que, I don’t know what is :slight_smile:


Same Issue… A Month before, I was playing with 30+ orders in queue and now… No Orders… :disappointed:


yes my orders is dropped dramatically i dont know even if my gig remain in category i can found it but i dont know if im only one who see it or otehrs too can find it ?


i think every seller on fiverr is having same issue!


same issue…


New Updates Fiverr is completely stoped sale of many of the old and successful seler , I’m one of them, disaster, I hope this will be solved, Fiverr administration told me to be patient and that they are working on a new update system


i think they are already updated the sytem and now working the new update is effect sales , i can find my gig on category but not steady sometimes i didnt found it , when you last time asked support and told you to be patient?


It’s absolutely the same. All day I try to say about this question. It’s my version.


yes disaster my gig with lot of positive reviews not remain and other new gigs with few reviews even with negative reviews above than me


I think even gigs with no reviews deserve to have their moment of glory. They should also be given a chance and be visible. It is not fair new sellers to have 0 chance to prove their qualities.


Sorry for offtop.
We can pray to Gig’s God - his name is Rotation - Rotation changes hidden Gig’s Ratio (it’s not Gig’s reputation - it’s tech parameter) This is why we see UPs & DOWNs :slight_smile:
And we can not control it

I make mistakes so often :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree with you 100%


Same problem here. I’m not the biggest seller, but i was selling at least once per week and having lots of questions. about a month ago I edited the images of my Gig and since then everything went down to zero…Looking at the statistics I noticed that impressions went down from 1.5k monthly to 0 too, so obviously that is why I’m not having any sales but when I got in contact with customer support they told me, basically, that it is not their issue and that everything with fiverr and the gig is working fine and that i should use social media to improve bla bla bla. I’m aware of that and I’m working on it, but, what about the sales inside fiverr? what could I possibly been doing wrong to have zero impressions if I don’t control it, fiverr does! the thing in my case, is that after talking to them for around 2 weeks, they do not recognize there is a problem on their side of the court and I think it will take a lot of time to repair whatever is wrong.


@forata your best seller shows you have 11 orders in queue but in your profile it shows that your recent delivery was 7 days ago. Is that a bug?


yes right those orders just shown along time ago and i got no orders at all since a while

even my gig now not remain in categorey recommended only in custom review tab and no orders even no quastions my gig views is goes down , i dont know why that happend to fiverr

now i think no need to build gigs with positive reviews or customize your gig it will not help just keep creating new gigs and dont care about bad reviews also dont issue any refund to anyone


You have a very bad review as I see.


yes that buyer is very dishonest guy if you cheked his profile he is in fiverr since 2011 and never bought anything he just here to get refunds after take other s people servcies

he not provides any reason at all why he ask for refund i have alot of happy customers he only one who complain about files he asked fiverr but fiverr found no reason to refund after a monthy or so he writes that dishonest review

hope nobody give him any refund as he just take servcies and ask for refund he want a freebies


Hey forata , even tho that guy scam people but it’s better to refund him and keep good ranking , 1 refund from a lot of orders better than negative feedback and no orders :+1:


As you I don’t care about positive reviews now. Much more important is to be visible in the system. My Gig is almost dead & just created a new one yesterday. It will have a chance for Rotation. So I decided - to create/delete/create/delete/create …