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My gig was ranked but now its not visible in search engine


Hi friends, i need help regarding my fiverr profile, my css gig was ranked on 1st page and unfortunately now it is hardly visible in the search engine, what is the cause and how can i rank it again on first page? Here is my gig link


Fiverr automatically changes the rankings according the algorithms in order to allow fluctuation and maximize the equality of opportunity.

Gigs that are lower rated (60 - 70 ratings) sometimes rank much higher than the 500+ ratings Gigs because of this practice.

You have probably enjoyed your time in the upper corners of the rotational pyramid.

Now you can do the best job you can, contact your previous Clients with smart offers / discounts, maximize your exposure by tailoring Gig Title, Tags and Description in the best manner, and keep your motivation up until your Gig Rank is closer to the top again.