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MY GIG was ranking at top of page now suddenly it derank

I created virtual Assistant gig on fiverr. Before it was getting 100k + impression and I am also getting good order. Now suddenly from the last two or three weeks. My Gig derank. I don’t know what is the reason. Can anyone help me


Did you search the forum first?
Just today we discussed your problem twice.

No I didn’t checked that. Where you discuss

I think it a technical problem (but not sure)

It’s not a technical problem.

Here on the forum :woman_shrugging: You can just scroll down and check topics with a similar title.

Fiverr use random rotation algorithm no matter if you share your gig, have best performance or millions orders, its just random… And you can’t do anything about that

Welcome to the community, Best wishes for you. :smiley: