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My gig was removed after I changed Title

Hello, my gig from Fiverr was removed after I change the title then immediately was removed, but I want to know all my money that I have on pending clearance does I can to withdraw then or not, because today I have two orders that needed to be available today for withdraw but still are on pending clearance. Thank You


You need to give us some more information. What was the gig and the title?

Gig was Instagram Shoutout and I had 8 reviews all 5 stars and I not no anything wrong just I changed title then my gig was removed

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Just wait, funds are sometimes a bit late, but they do become available for withdrawal. And if they don’t, contact Customer Support.


Thank you bro I hope <3

What is the gig title now? It’s not Instagram Shoutout is it? That’s the entire title?

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Don’t worry about your withdraw money, The fund will clean! Deleting gig doesn’t affect your fund


But does I can to reactivate again my old gig or not

Title was. do promotion on my 578k instagram page

I don’t know reason why my gig was removed is old gig and I had there all reviews with 5 stars, then just I changed title then after 2 seconds my gig was removed :frowning:

It cannot index the gig the same place with a different title. It might come back in a couple of weeks.