My gig was removed due to TOS violation, but I have no option to request reconsideration?


OK I know its immoral to do other people’s homework. But why does that mean I can’t post a gig where I help them (explicitly stated by the way) to do it themselves??

Am I missing something here or is tutoring not allowed as well?


Hello, apparently you are. It is not allowed. Anything to do with homework is not allowed.


Ok so if I remove homework from the equation, I can still tutor right?


I don’t know. Ask customer support.


Once I had the word “academic” in a typing gig. Once I took that out my gig was put up again. :blush:


Please note that every Gig that is denied by our Marketplace Integrity team is reviewed thoroughly before considering the action to remove the Gig. Once removed, every Gig that is denied will have an accompanying email specifying why the Gig was denied.


if you also involve in raising suspicions and fraudulent service that would be also the reason gig removed