My gig was removed


Hello. What did I do wrong with my gig? I see A LOT of web scraping gigs on the platform. Im not trying to Sell any personal or private info. Web scraping Is just for retrieving public data only. Let me know how can I place my gig back if possible. My confusion I guess Is because of the many web Scraping gigs exisiting already and why mine Is different from others. Any suggestions?


Hello, it might not be allowed. What is web scraping? Is it collecting email addresses? I read about it just now and see that there are many legitimate uses. You could ask your question of customer support and they might give you more information.


Yes. Is not intended to collect Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Example: Lets say you are working on your family tree (which Is something I do myself). When searching records you find a lot of results from where you can get useful info and find the person you are looking for. What I would do on these case is to retrieve all the récords and place them on am Excel file so I can filter, order or whatever I want so Is Easy for me to manipulate. Main purpose is to get data from public websites but no to take advantage of PII info.


Maybe it depends on the specific use the data will be used for. I do think customer support might have better answers to your question than we could give.


Ok got it. I’m pretty new to these forums. How can I get un contact with them?


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Only Customer Support can help you with this:


Thanks a lot to both for your replies. This Is what I was looking for. I will generate a ticket and see what can be done. Thank you!!


I had a gig removed once due to a policy change. The removal did state what rule I was breaking. I revised it and it was reinstated. As others have stated, CS is the only one that really can help.


Thank you also for sharing your experience on this subject. I appreciate it. I have send already a request. Hopefully it will go just fine.