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My gig was selling really good

guys check my gig tell me why it was selling so good at first then it stopped ! i need help

i love your style, i wish i could draw like that, best of luck!

You must understand that people need drawings such as yours for certain applications. Although there is the rare individual who wants you to draw them, or their friend, family member, etc., most drawings are ordered for, say, advertisements, publications, photo and/or video artwork, etc. I have ordered many drawings such as yours from Fiverr sellers, and I would say that unless you have a contract with a particular buyer, most buying of such art is on a “as needed” basis, which is extremely random at best.

Don’t let a lull in orders bother you so much. Just keep up the good work and keep improving your talent.

Perhaps you should come up with another style of character drawing and offer that as well - perhaps the one will sell when the other does not, balancing each other.

@dikosay brought up something I wanted to say, also. The majority of buyers are looking for services to be used for online marketing, advertising, promotion, etc. In your samples but more importantly your gig description, you need to offer suggestions to people, give them reasons to want your work and ways to use them. For example, “I can provide perfect illustrations for your blog articles, on topics ranging from the benefits of learning auto mechanics to mommy-and-me style blogs. Do you teach dance? I can create unique illustrations showing the moves to your students. I can illustrate your company’s safety manual or create a healthy eating poster to use in your daycare.” See what I mean? Inspire your buyers by listing a variety of ways to use your work.