My Gig Was Showed Before, But Last 2 Days Not Showing


Here is my gig : this gig was showed First page on last 3 month. but suddenly i do not what happen it did not showing on search result. Search keyword : Instant Article. I did not get any warning or i did not break any rules. i gave 5 star ratings on every gigs.

Please if fiverr let know me whats the problem, or suggest anything, that might get me order.

Thank u


Did you edit your gigs? If yes then wait 48 hours and if not then then contact with support:


Thank u for ur ans. Yes i did change my gig description. and i’m worry bcz 48 hour already pass. but thanks for ur reply i will wait one more day then :slight_smile:


@samir_sakir, is that your problem solved?
I face same problem.:zipper_mouth_face:


Yes. Please contact fiverr support. Ticket category will be Meta.