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My gig was taken down for no reason and fiverr customer support said they don't care

so i started this gig on fiverr it was going great for the first week and a half then all of a sudden i get an email from fiverr stating that my gig was denied for reason of “irrelevant to marketplace” which it wasn’t true since there was other people doing the same thing i was.

i sent fiverr an email asking for help to reinstate my gig and to reference any rules i broke on the TOS since i read all of if before i even posted a gig.i also asked for there help on twitter in which i got a response and they said to contact support which i did yet again. i finally received an email back and this is what fiverr customer support said.

"Evan here,

Your Gig is not currently in our Editorial focus. We recommend continuing trying to create new unique and creative Gigs that express your talents."

so you are telling me you don’t care that my gig got taken down because its not your focus. so f**k your customers right?

is there anything i can do here? or just go to an other freelance website like upwork.

Well, to start with is to tell us what was your gig about and what services you were going to provide :woman_shrugging:


sure i was providing stock and option signals

Where you were taking it from? Was it your own research and opinion or you were taking signals data from trading platforms and other companies posting their articles?

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i did all my research and analysis i have been trading for over 7 years.

If you are any good at selling stock options, why are you selling them here? Why aren’t you offering your services on a for purpose marketplace?

Quite frankly, Fiverr does not want these kinds of gigs because they are 99.9% junk.

You do not get financially literate people shopping on Fiverr for this kind of service. You get people in dire financial straits looking for some kind of financial miracle. People like that always lose money and always look for someone to blame when they do. That is why Fiverr has removed your gig.


exactly… Fiverr takes this type of gigs as irrelevant…

reason i sell them there is because i can. i have the experience and i wanted to share it with other people and not charge them an arm or a leg for a course. secondly i’m not the only one doing it on fiverr there is a guy that was doing the same thing i was and hes been selling his gig since 2018 so how are you gonna tell me that fiverr doesn’t want “these kinds of gigs”. and yes people who are not financially literate buy my gig and i make them money especially at a time like we are in now where people are struggling to get by because of the virus. fiverr is in the wrong for taking it down.

it’s not irrelevant when there are other people doing the same thing for longer. i also read people can report your gig so fiverr can take it down just like a false copyright strike on youtube.

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Ohh… I think may be other people did report on your gig many times… Thats may be a reason bro.

Well, at least your incredible ability to make money on the stock market means you don’t need to make any money on Fiverr in the first place.


lol i do it because i can i have so much time on my hands why not make someone else’s day by making them some money and in return i put my time to good use instead of looking at charts and numbers all day.

if that’s wrong then i don’t want to know whats right.

Yes, I know. I have had several long conversations with short tempered people who can’t start sentences with a capital letters over the years, and they have all been 100% altruistic. Some of them, have even been monks and devout widows of princes in far off lands.

My advice to you would be the same as it has always been to them when they have wanted to mail me millions of dollars in the post. - Just stop, take a breath, and maybe use your riches for good in another way. Open a school. Open an animal shelter. Instead of giving life and wealth changing information to someone online for $5, give it to a man or woman on the street for free.

If that is not an easy way to to do right in the world, I don’t know what is.


when people get stuff for free they do not value it thus the knowledge does not stick because the motivation is not there since they did not pay for it. (i have done this many times)

and who cares how i write are you the grammar police? lol you understood what i said it doesn’t have to be perfect.

but thanks for your “advice”

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