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My gig was taken down for "Third Party ToS Violation"?

I’ve got a gig on fiverr, basically selling discord promotions/advertisements so people would get more members into their servers, I get an email from Fiverr stating
“Third party TOS violation - Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is violating their terms of use.
As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings.”

Now, I know for a fact my gig does not violate discord’s ToS in any way, I’ve been selling ads on different platforms for over a year now, and i’ve personally had contact with the discord Trust & Safety team and have been told that my ads are indeed allowed. I’m aware of the fact that discord has been disallowing discord ads to do with giveaways on other servers, but my ads are simply not done that way and honestly i’m kind of confused.

Here’s the gig title if anyone’s wondering “promote, advertise your discord server, 1000 joins guarantee”

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I’m no expert at Discord’s terms, but if you’ve been in contact with Discord and they are fine with it, you could reach out to Fiverr customer support with this information.

However, with this type of issue, there’s usually not much you can do if someone at Discord have complained about your gig. Fiverr doesn’t want to be responsible for promoting services that might violate some term from a third party, so even the risk of violating something like this can get your gig removed.

Honestly seems unfair though? If my gig was fine, all customers are happy and it doesn’t violate the ToS, a simple misunderstanding could get my entire gig removed? I emailed CS but yeah honestly not sure how helpful they’ll be.

The world isn’t fair – certainly not when you’re working on big platforms like Fiverr. Every mechanism in place is there for a reason; to make the marketplace and community a better place, but unfortunatly, the system can never be perfect, and sometimes innocent people gets caught up in the net. Hopefully the CS team will solve your issue. :slight_smile:

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You can try to pass your ticket number to FiverrSupport on twitter - it might help your request get processed faster.

This part could be the problem, because it’s promising something that’s out of your hands.

Don’t take my word for it, though; ask CS if that part was the problem and if they’d be willing to reinstate your gig (or allow you to publish a new one for the same service) if that part was removed.


Yeah as people said before me, this is the problem. I also have discord related services and promising something which isn’t under your control is a big no no. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The thing is, it is under my control. other then the fact that i’ve done over 500 ads and have never been under the guarantee count, users are added via the discord bot meaning I can control exactly how much users are gathered for the server. But yeah, I don’t think thats the issue since they banned for Third Party ToS Violation instead of the guarantee thing.

I’ll try that, thank you!