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My gig went down, because of corona virus

hi mates, my gig went down and removed because i was offering to help community regarding corona virus, they spelled my gig and give warning as
“Misleading / Incoherent / Bad Grammar in Title”

“At these sensitive times, we are cautious regarding the Coronavirus related services that we allow on Fiverr. If your intention was to provide general services not only related to Coronavirus, please take this opportunity to edit your Gig to be compliant with our current editorial guidelines and remove any mention of the above from your gig components such as title, description, images etc.”

dear fiverr members, im a designer its my duty to provide everything related that matter in these crisis - please i need your response on that,


So guess you mentioned virus or covid 19 in your title?

If you are a designer then you don’t need to advertise your services with “coronavirus” in your title. It’s like bad marketing and you are trying to attract people and making hype on epidemia. Fiverr doesn’t want you speculating around such a sensitive topic.

If you offer design just offer design services without words virus in it because it’s totally unrelated.


ok i’ve changed to pandemic - is it ok now ?

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Of course not. Fiverr made it clear that they don’t want you speculating on this topic.

You are a DESIGNER. Pandemic, virus etc has nothing to do with your devices. Stop trying to make money on this horrible situation.


ok - will change but i was giving my services free of cost in this situation -

You can’t give your services free as it’s fiverr policy that the minimum order is 5$ on fiverr.


but i love to help people in this crisis - its upto them, if they are willing they can make deposit,

It’s great if you really want to provide your services for free. However I don’t think you are being honest here. You still have one of the gigs for “corona animations” that has 50$ price. And you didn’t mention anywhere in your description that you will provide your services for free. So it doesn’t sound as noble as you want to show it here on the forum.


i told its upto them if they make deposit or not - if they dont have money and want designs and anything - its free for them and yes i need to mention this in description my bad,

If you get another warning there is a chance of having your account banned.

They do not want gigs that mention corona.

I know you are going to thank me for warning you about this possibility so in advance, you are most welcome!


ok thankyou - i will remove that…

I’m confused, if you didn’t put it in your description then your clients has no way of knowing that you are offering it for free.

Anyway, we already gave you an advice on your original question and you should remove all mentioning of corona virus from your gigs.

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yess, thankyou for your time, and make me understand that :slight_smile:

free service added, in description -

That’s not allowed to offer a free service.

No corona, no free service. Not allowed. You will get banned if you get another warning.


LOL - in this community, where a person offers free service to a client who cant afford to pay and in need of that order, fiverr is going to ban him - simply WAO :smiley:

This is not a charity site, it’s a business site. We are here to earn money and so is fiverr.


I tried to explain how this site works. No reason to be rude. I was trying to explain 1. you may get another warning and 2. this is a business site. There is nothing wrong with that. Free services are not allowed.

If you don’t like that you can complain about it to customer support.

Fiverr staff reads these messages.


happened the same with me, looking for a solution.

Then please just read all the answers above :woman_shrugging: