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My gig will be suspended

Please help me to get a solution for my problem, my gig will be suspended and no order for more than 10 months, unless I am very active on the mobile app and send a lot of buyer requests and check it every day. :neutral_face::neutral_face:
Please any advice, I am Arabic native translator from English to Arabic and vice versa.


If you can not work on Fiverr and visit once a day, why do you still want to use it?

Can you suggest a new website that I can find my chance on it !!?

The site is not an issue.

Do you want to be freelancer?

Do you have to be freelancer?

Why do you have only one GIG?

What are your skills?


I have many skills, but not expert and there are many experts on Fiverr. Do you want me to try !?

What a strange question to ask…

Surely it’s got nothing to do with what we want, as fellow freelancers. It’s about whether you want to be successful here, or not?

If you do, you’re going to need to put in the work, doing things like;

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